Thursday, 13 July 2017

WebSite X5 Start 13 Serial Key - Giveaway (100% Discount) No Crack - Genuine Key

It would be no exaggeration to say that owning a website has become a basic necessity of today's digital world. If You are a business man and do not have a website describing what is your business related to? then consider your business incomplete. In simple words, You are losing potential customers and definitely money.

According to veteran financial experts, A website can augment an existing source of income and this is a proven fact.

I am not a web designer, I cannot design a website.

Yes! I agree with you. Your excuse is genuine.

The only option is hiring a professional web designer. But this option requires money and small businesses can't afford hiring a professional web designer.

So what to do in this regard? Don't worry, there is still an option that come in handy design a website without having to learn web designing and hiring a professional web designer to design your website.
A WYSIWYG can help you design a professional looking website in very short time. You must be thinking, What is WYSIWYG? According to Wikipedia,

WYSIWYG is an acronym for "what you see is what you get". In computing, a WYSIWYG editor is a system in which content (text and graphics) can be edited in a form closely resembling its appearance when printed or displayed as a finished product, such as a printed document, web page, or slide presentation.

Visit WikiPedia page to get more details.

If you are looking for a high-end yet easy to use WYSIWYG software then I would like to suggest you go for WebSite X5 Start. This WYSIWYG software is an adequate solution to both of the above mentioned problems. According to users reviews, This sumptuous piece of software makes creating / designing websites fun and easy. You don't technical skills to design a website.

All This is done in five steps,,,,

1)-Choose a graphic / pre-designed template from a huge list of templates (designed by highly expert web designers)
2)-On next, you need to add the pages (up to 25 pages).
3)-You now have to import content such as images, videos, text etc.
4)-If you are not satisfied with chosen template then You are allowed to edit or give your project a personal touch.
5)-You are all done. Your site is ready to go online. Buy a domain name, hosting and upload your website and publish it.

You might be craving hot new features. Okay! Let’s discuss its few of the other salient features.

1)-It can create the navigation menu with working links to all the pages (automatically / manually)
2)-It provides with full compatibility with all most used web browsers and mobile devices
3)-It comes with the built-in FTP engine to upload websites hosting server.
4)-Customize images with built-in photo editor.
5)-Create buttons with built-in editor.
6)-In addition to uploading videos to your hosting server, Embed YouTube and videos.

I have a great news for those who want to get it for free but without having to go for  WebSite X5 Start 13 crack. People behind WebSite X5 Start 13 are offering a free and lifetime license to everyone free of cost.

All you need to do is go to the giveaway page and follow the instructions to get full version of WebSite X5 Start 13 for free.

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